Water management and methods
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Water management in Greece is a difficult issue because we need to know the actual underground reserves by basin, the active drillings that exist, the cubic meters per hour of each drilling, the provision of groundwater aquifers by basin and cubic meters per hour apart from the surface waters. Effective water management would be feasible as long as actual facts arise by serious researches and of course if there is a proportionate interest from the State.

A management method is the enrichment of the subsoil by drilling in large underground cracks (gaps), in small or large depths. The enrichment can be done from streams whose waters end up in the sea. Also, along the route these streams follow there are huge underground cracks that can be used as underground storage areas and can also be used to enrich the subsoil and make new drillings. This method is easy and useful when it is known exactly where the underground cracks are located. Unfortunately the existing technology and expertise have difficulty in locating these cracks, the size and their route in order to make the suitable choice.

SubSystem with its patent can give immediate solution to water management and exploitation method, because we confidently are aware of the following:

1) Where a crack is located, large or small, in order to make the enrichment with a drilling.

2) If the selected crack is connected with other cracks and which route it follows so that it can be adequately evaluated.

3) The depth of the crack, meaning in how many meters exactly it is located, in order to evaluate it geologically.

4) If there are cracks, at the same time, in different depths.

5) In a basin how many underground suppliers exist and how many cubic meters per hour they transfer.

6) In a basin if there are exits in the aquifer cracks and the cubic meters per hour.

7) The area of the basin and its depth

Knowing these seven key elements, water management can be done with methods that give safe and permanent solutions to water supply and irrigation, either nationally or in Municipalities, Municipal Water Companies (D.E.Y.A.), businesses, individuals, etc.

SubSystem has the ability to offer unique and secure solutions to the issue of water scarcity, without unnecessary efforts and huge costs.

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