Water-bearing cracks
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In the subsoil there are cracks (gaps) small or large, which may be of short or long route. Some of them have fixed or moving water and others nothing and consist of plain gap. There are others which only contain moisture or moving bubbles. Whether a crack has or not bubbles it is almost impossible to detect and discriminate with the existing technology. The uniqueness and innovation of SubSystem, with its patented device, in detecting and discriminating from a long distance and large depth, can offer immediate answer regarding groundwater water-bearing cracks as to whether they contain water or not or it is just an empty crack.
1) We know from long distance if a crack exists.
2) We know from long distance if it contains water or not.
3) We know from long distance if it contains bubbles or not.
4) We know the route of the crack, regardless of its distance, by following the exact route.
5) We know the exact depth of the crack (gap) e.g. 100, 300, 500, 700 meters.
6) We know the volume of the water or any liquid, in cubic meters per hour.

With these six basic parameters and other minor ones, underground water-bearing cracks, whose detection and discrimination is almost impossible, for SubSystem is an easy process. This way, we offer immediate and definite solution for the existence of water-bearing cracks and their exploitation, without making unnecessary and costly drillings.

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