Shortage of water and water transfer to islands
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Shortage of water has created a big problem especially in our islands. Water transportation is not the solution because of the cost. There are islands that are likely to have sufficient water for drinking and irrigation as: Crete, Evia, Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos Chios, Lesvos, Paros and other islands. Research should be conducted on the entire island and exploit whatever amounts of water exist underground before it reaches the sea and gets wasted in it.

The transfer can be made from locations closer to the islands, detecting aquifers near the sea for easy transportation. Measurements done by SubSystem to various islands show that some islands have sufficiency of water as well as surplus, which can be transported and provide a solution to another island. A proper design regarding water use in our islands could provide a solution before desalination or transportation from elsewhere is done. Crete has water to meet its needs and to export to other countries (at least 3000 cubic meters per hour or more).

A search conducted by SubSystem to detect significant groundwater aquifers deposits in an island like Evia, can take up to 20 working days. With such a research we can know the most important aquifer deposits in different places in the entire Evia, or basins or sub-basins that may exist in the mountains before the water reaches low altitude or enter the sea without being exploited.

Example, on the island of Paros research and detection of groundwater reserves for the entire island can be done in 4 working days.

Example, in the entire Crete, research for detection of important aquifer deposits, can be done in 25 to 30 working days.

SubSystem, with its innovative method based on its invention can provide a solution to any problem regarding the detection of groundwater.

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