Research for oil and natural gas
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The search for oil and natural gas in Greece has begun many years ago. Several drillings that have been made at times showed in which areas oil and natural gas deposits may exist, without this being absolutely certain. Furthermore, nobody knows if these deposits are exploitable or not.

The state after many years has decided to proclaim a competition for oil and natural gas research in some areas.

The results of these surveys will take some time and the cost will be proportional! When areas likely to contain oil or natural gas are located, some controversial findings and mapping of the deposit area may occur, which means a waste of time and consequently further remedial assessments and studies.

SubSystem single membered ltd with an innovative and cutting edge method based on its patented invention, with Application No 20110100536 which has filed at O.B.I., with its own resources has conducted surveys since 2007 nationwide and has located and mapped several areas on land and sea where oil and natural gas exist in small and large depths. The long search has detected significant deposits for exploitation. Our company knows at what depth the deposit is, how much space it occupies and can show exactly the width and length of it.


With a research from Andirrion to Arta, and from Astakos to Athamania, SubSystem single membered ltd managed to search and detect with accuracy the existing oil deposit within a period of 5-10 working days. We are able to point out within a specific geographical outline where to perform drilling operations on land and the exact point of drilling the oil deposit. Mapping information is available in our company’s office.

Moreover, our company was not limited to the above specific search but also expanded in other areas of Greece with the same results. We are at the disposal of any public or private authority to present the results of our research in both land and sea (e.g. Crete).

The advantages of SubSystem single membered ltd regarding the research for oil or natural gas are:

1) We can locate an oil or natural gas deposit from 50,000 to 100,000 meters distance with absolute precision.

2) With our innovative method we can know directly in a few days the exact drilling point of the deposit.

3) With the fast and efficient method of SubSystem we identify the space that the deposit occupies as well as the area it takes up.

4) We have the ability to search and detect if an oil deposit is connected to another one and exactly at what point, as well as the height difference of the one deposit compared to the other.

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