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The dynamic nature of SubSystem Company does not allow it to remain indifferent to the developments and demands of the times. In consequence, the company, which started a few years ago as a private enterprise of its founder Adam Ioannis, was restructured and established as single membered ltd.

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New offices, better organization, activities which continually expand into new fields within the borders of Greece as well as abroad.

With the aim of absolute recognition, SubSystem is always looking to create new partnerships through which, with a flexible and at the same time efficient model (applied exclusively in our country), it achieves the best possible use of available funds of those interested to invest.

Through its website Subsystem invites all those who are already involved (or want to get involved in investments in the future) with the use and distribution of available water resources (such as bottling plants, water companies or water distribution companies, etc.), to get to know the partnership plan it proposes.

The choice of our partners is careful, since the search for an investor is not an end in itself for our company.

If your goal as an individual or as a business is to secure investment with minimized risk, immediate and enduring performance and perspective, then contact us, get to know us and seek to participate in one of the most developing companies in our country.
In SubSystem we are willing to share our vision with our partners in order to create a strong company that will utilize the perspectives revealed in search worldwide!


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