Karst springs
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Karst springs are waters with a route from the mountains into the sea or in coastal areas where salinisation occurs and they become unsuitable to use. These waters, which are hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour throughout Greece, can give a definitive solution to the problem of water scarcity. However, their research and detection before they become brackish, is almost impossible with the existing technology and expertise. SubSystem with its patented device can provide immediate solution regarding the detection of karst springs and their utilization before salinization takes place, just because it can detect the underground aquifer from the start of its journey.

From the mountains, from the central basin or sub-basin, the entire route of the aquifer can be traced, i.e. which areas it crosses before reaching the sea so that the drilling can be done before the fresh water meets the sea and becomes brackish. So:

1) Knowing the exact location of the route
2) Knowing the exact depth of the aquifer
3) Knowing the altitude
4) Knowing the cubic meters per hour
5) We select the safe location to make the drilling at least 20 to 30 meters above the sea level to make sure that future problems will not appear.

Therefore, we have a solution for water supply or irrigation with very little cost. The credibility of SubSystem’s patent regarding the research of karst springs and their exploitation, gives immediate solution to the problem of water scarcity because there are thousands karst springs in the entire country and their detection by our company is an easy task.

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