Industrial minerals and rocks
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The search of the mineral wealth of Greece in Minerals, Hydrocarbons or construction minerals is a difficult task. The detection and discrimination of various materials in the subsoil is a difficult process and mainly concerns those interested in establishing mines and quarries.

SubSystem single membered ltd with its own innovative method (Application No 20110100536 which has filed in O.B.I) can conduct search using its own resources since 2007.

metal detector

It has already carried out a survey, with plenty of research findings and has imprinted in maps, at various locations, the deposits consisting of various industrial mining materials, minerals and rocks:
e.g. Gold, copper, bauxite, lignite, perlite, osmium, tantalum, Barite, Fluorite, vermiculite, bentonite, Huntite, gypsum, marble, Methane (natural gas), Oil, Geothermal fields, Water etc.

It can also determine at what depth they are located, at exactly what point and the precise area of ??the deposit. For SubSystem, search on mineral wealth is an easy task. Our device can detect and discriminate the materials from long distance, over 50,000 meters and under good conditions the detection can reach up to 150,000 meters and depth larger than 1,000 meters. Also SubSystem single membered ltd undertakes the search and detection of any material, gas or liquid, on land or sea. It may be assigned any search across the country and abroad with direct results regarding the detection of the target and the number of different locations it exists.

The advantages of SubSystem single membered ltd with its new innovative method are:

1) Direct detection of the specific material of the search.

2) Complete discrimination of the specific material of the search.

3) Precise localization of the deposit area.

4) Precise depth of the deposit depending on the soil gradation.

5) Precise drilling point in the center of the deposit and in the perimeter.

6) Low survey cost.

7) Significant time saving.

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