Hydroelectric power
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Hydroelectric power is an environmental friendly solution and can easily be utilized, not only using surface water but also groundwater which usually remains unexploited. Millions of cubic meters of water could be the target of a drilling, bringing to surface water that could be used with a double aim: to produce hydropower and to supply with drinkable or irrigation water an area.

At the same time, SubSystem with the projects that has already undertaken in the field of drilling, has a success rate exceeding 85% for the following reasons:

1) Researches and detects from distance, whether water exists in an area or not.
2) At what depth the water is located.
3) How many cubic meters per hour the supply is.
4) We detect the route of the aquifer, and as a result, we can choose a more suitable point to make the drilling so that there is a height difference of 50 meters and more, which means that, with only one drilling the water can also be used for hydroelectric project.

The innovative patented method of SubSystem can provide a definite solution not only in finding drinking water but also utilizing it in the field of energy.

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