Geothermal fields and energy
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The geothermal fields in Greece are rich but remain unexploited because their detection is difficult but also the current policy does not promote the development and exploitation of geothermal fields and energy. There is great potential in the exploitation of geothermal energy, e.g. heating in public buildings - greenhouses - various crops - fish farming - baths etc. SubSystem with its innovative patented method has the ability to provide an immediate solution in the field of geothermal energy, where geothermal fields for exploitation exist.
1) A default area for investigation can be selected to identify whether or not there are geothermal fields for the construction of a plant in that region.
2) The depth of the geothermal fields
3) The quantity in cubic meters per hour
4) The route they follow, selecting the appropriate location to make the drilling.

Geothermal energy is one of the solutions to the energy problem, without harming the environment, and SubSystem with its patent can detect unexploited geothermal fields, contributing to a clean environment.

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