Geological and environmental study
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Our company performs hydrogeological research on behalf of individuals, businesses and municipal water supply companies. Through research the respective municipality and D.E.Y.A. know, throughout the municipality, or at particular Local Administrative Districts, if there is water or not. This way, the process of preparing geological - environmental study in order to obtain a water use permit becomes easier and eventually a successful drilling is conducted.

The hydrogeological research is conducted prior to any other action to avoid unnecessary studies and expenditures, because the problem is not to make a geological - environmental study, but to detect originally where water exists so as to conduct a study with positive results.
SubSystem with its innovative patented method, by researching an area knows exactly where water exists, how many cubic meters per hour, at what depth and where exactly the drilling must be done. Then the geological and environmental study is carried out, because if there is no water in the requested space it is pointless to make any further actions.

The most important characteristics of the hydrogeological research are:
1) The extremely fast time the results of hydrogeological research are delivered: 5-10 days when it regards the entire municipality and 2-3 days when it regards a Local Administrative District.
2) Ability to pinpoint the nearest point to the PPC Network (D.E.I.), water and road networks to make the drilling.
3) Pinpoint the exact location to make the drilling with half a square meter accuracy.
4) Information on the type of water deposit (running or in cavities).
5) Exact depth measurement.
6) Assessment of the cubic meters per hour supply.

SubSystem, after the completion of the hydrogeological research, if necessary, conducts a geological and environmental study so that the water use permit can be issued.
SubSystem collaborates with the most qualified and experienced scientists in the field to offer services to municipalities, D.E.Y.A., individuals and industries.

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