Brackish water and sea
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A major issue concerning the present and the future of humanity is the penetration of seawater into the land and the salinisation of groundwater. This results in the rapid acceleration of problems regarding both crops and drinking water through drilling.

SubSystem with its innovative patented method can detect the penetration of seawater into the land and the exact area it takes up.

Search and detection of brackish water is an easy task for SubSystem with direct results regarding how much space the salinisation takes up and at what location the mixing of the sea water with clean drinking water takes place.
This way we know where salinisation occurs and we can avoid any unnecessary drilling.
SubSystem knows if there is any drinking water in an area that seems to be occupied by seawater or brackish water. If it is located deeper or higher we recommend a drilling to be done in the right depth without reaching the depth where the water is already unsuitable.

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